If shoes can kill.

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August Acquisitions

Women relieve stress by retail therapy. Agree?

Hey my dear readers and followers! A new post for you! I just wanted to share the things I got during the first week of this month (an update too for my haul tag :P).

imageimageTeal peplum top & a dress from @Exztraplus clothing on instagram.

I admit it. I’ve been buying clothes non-stop for the past few weeks. I’m also revamping my closet since I started my OJT. I mean, come on, I am not a “formal” person so what to expect inside my closet? Casuals, casuals, laid-back clothes, edgy and stuff that are far from the “professional style”. Did I mention casuals? I don’t even have a blazer, so I have to borrow my mom’s. HAHA! I do have versatile dresses but without a blazer, no professional look for me. boo.

I was so ecstatic to buy clothes from them ever since I discovered their account. They sell lovely clothes for big girls like me for a very affordable price! Check out their store asap because stocks runs out fast! @Exztraplus So excited to wear these out!

Penshoppe reversible belt

This was a random buy while we, my sister and I, were at the mall yesterday (August 9, 2013). I did not intend to buy this leopard belt but it was freaking on sale! 350 pesos was the original price but I got it for only 149.00 pesos! Also, I didn’t know it was reversible until I checked it just this morning. I thought that the yellow part was just for the lining. You know for that added oomp. Oh boy. I surely got lucky with this purchase!

Reverse side of the belt.

imageBracelets and a necklace from our relatives abroad.

and some other stuff. This was a simple gesture reminding us that they still remember us. How sweet of them. :)

Until my next post! :*


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Let’s travel…in Style!

Come on, vámonos.
Everybody let’s go.
Come on, let’s get to it.
I know that we can do it.
Where are we going? ….

So, you sang it, I bet. Uh okay. Dora The Explorer, here. hahaha! Nah, just kidding. I just thought the song was appropriate for the “travel” part of this post. No? Okay. Let’s just set aside my lame attempt to get a nice pun and get down with the post shall we?

photo IMG_2137.jpg

Here’s a brief recap of what I wore during our short vacation in the Lion City, Singapore. I wanted to make this a series of posts but, man, we were to busy being tourists that time that I didn’t have the chance to take proper “outfit of the day” kind-of-photos. So I was left with these “touristy” photos of myself. Okay, here it goes.

Day 1 

photo _MG_2284.jpgphoto IMG_2166.jpg

Denim Button Down hand me down | Black Liquid leggings Vixen SM Department Store | Leopard Loafers Apostrophe Trinoma | Swoon Bag | Jeremy Scott x Swatch Opulence Watch | Charlie Sunnies

Comfort is the key when travelling abroad so I opted for this casual outfit for our first day in Singapore.

Day 2 

photo _MG_2395.jpgphoto a.jpg

People are People top | Greenhills skirt | Solemate flats | Swoon Bag | Two K’s Closet spiked bracelet

A day at Universal Studios calls for this skirt. I know it will be hot that day (which wasn’t because it rained) so I wore a loose top with this skirt that has been hiding in the corners of my closet for quite some time now.

Day 3 

photo IMG_2388.jpg

Girlshoppe top | Cotton On studded shorts | Apostrophe loafers | Swoon Bag

Day three was shopping day in the morning and sightseeing at night. I worn these pieces while we were on tour at the Marina Bay Sands. I wished I took a better photo of this UK flag top because the back was really cool. It’s actually like a poncho but the frills are on the back.

Day 4

photo IMG_2484.jpg

Giordano tee | Cotton On shorts | Swoon bag | Apostrophe loafers

It was time to head back to Manila and a 3-hour plane ride is not comfortable. I wore a simple and comfortable outfit that day which I regret because I forgot it was a bit chilly on the plane. I guess it wasn’t a comfortable outfit after all. :P

Check out my Singapore Trip posts here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3


DIY Bangle & Bracelet Holders

I’m very much fond of arm candies ever since they were just called as bracelets and bangles. I’ve been also collecting (or should I say more like hoarding) these since like forever thus I find it really hard to store them given that I have tons of them. I tried storing them in boxes and it works nice but I always ended up messing them altogether. Such a pain. I always thought on buying those bracelet/bangle holders that are used in store displays and the likes and luckily, I found places where they sell these things in a very good price. BUT right now, I am on a very tight budget and wouldn’t want to spend anything unless it is of real importance.

So I came up with this DIY project using materials that I found lying inside our house!

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